About Us

Automation Associates is a group of engineers who help our customers build the best automation equipment in the industry. We provide engineering, technical expertise and on-site support for various automation components. We have been assisting our customers since 1961, and have a long successful track record in the motion control arena. We represent industry leaders and back it up with years of knowledge and experience. We always deliver on our promises and look forward to supporting you.

Our Specialties

  • Cam Operated Index Drives
  • Precision Link Conveyors
  • Servo Motors and Controls
  • Stepper Motors and Controls
  • Multi-Axes Control Solutions
  • Touchscreen and Remote I/O Solutions
  • Performance Planetary Helical and Worm Reducer Solutions
  • Linear Actuators and Precision Slides
  • Gantry System Solutions
  • Rotary and Vibratory Feeders
  • Hopper Systems
  • Machine Bases and Weldments
  • Pneumatic Grippers, Slides and Actuators
  • Pick & Place Devices and Oscillators
  • Scara and 6-Axis Articulated Robotic Solutions

Our Capabilities:

  • Application review and conceptual review
  • Detailed component selection
  • System inertial calculations
  • Application specific product sizing
  • System and component life cycle calculations
  • Project simulations and demonstrations
  • Component programming and startup assistance
  • Onsite debug and product support